Controls: use A and D to move around. Jump using W or space. To hack an object, click on it. Once it glows, use Q and E to adjust the values. When hacking a box, use tab to switch between horizontal and vertical direction. Press R to reset the level. Press B to reset boxes if you lose them. If your mouse disappears, hit "esc" and it should reappear.

Our game is about a character escaping from a game by hacking the objects around them. The character goes through levels and they become more and more aesthetically like the inside of a computer rather than a game. The final level see's the character escape.

Developed by:

Tom Bar Ezer Ayalon (

Gabby Delforge (

Darren Wang (

Sabrina Wong (

Chris Yun

We currently have two levels and 3 hacking powers: growing bridges, moving boxes, and manipulating fan power. Bridges (both horizontal and vertical) can be grown and shrunk down. Boxes can be moved in a certain direction. Boxes and bridges can be stood on and be used to turn off buttons that control electricity. Power can be transferred between fans that are connected to weaken or strengthen the wind coming from a fan.


Download 235 MB